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By: Malik Siraj Akbar
Guerilla movements in Balochistan have always been romanticized by young men who aspire to overthrow the domineering elite and bring revolutions. Taking to the hills for the rights of the Baloch fatherland is what has placed many Baloch  governors, princes and tribal chiefs at irremovable positions in the annals of the Baloch history.
A similar exceptionally striking chapter of the Baloch movement was written in the early 1970s when a group of five scions of Pakistani non-Baloch elite joined Balochistan’s guerilla war against the Pakistan army’s occupation of the Baloch land. Popularly known as the London Group, the members of this study circle left the comforts of wealthy life, education in London and joined the Balochs in their battle against the Pakistan army in the Marri hills. In their early twenties, these comrades adopted Balochi names, learned the language, explored the terrain, faced hunger and fought on the frontline in their commitment for the Balochs.
A spirited Asad Rahman, the youngest but the fittest in the popular London Group, remembers how he, at the age of 21, used to ambush the Pakistani military convoys and take away ammunition from them to sustain the movement. An eyewitness to what he bills as the ‘genocide” of the Balochs in the 70s, Rahman alias Chakar Khan, still an ardent supporter of an independent Balochistan, reveals how Baloch women were used as ‘comfort women’ in the military custody and male fighters were captured and thrown from the helicopters.
In an exclusive but a candid and revealing interview with this writer, Rahman recalls his Che Guevara -like days of Baloch resistance movement of 1970s and compares it with today’s Baloch movement.

Excerpts: https://gmcmissing.wordpress.com/2009/10/19/revisiting-the-che-guevara-like-days-of-baloch-resistance-movement-with-asad-rehman/

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By: Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur

Recently the ‘Sindh Writers and Thinkers Forum’ in Karachi arranged a dialogue on ‘Internationalism and nationalism’’ after a debate in Sindh in which some people equated nationalism with fascism. I was invited by friends and I expressed my views and the piece below was the basis of my talk.


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Корреспонденты нашего портала встретились с одним из лидеров Движения за освобождение Белуджистана, находящимся в настоящее время в Москве. В связи с тем, что все действия этого человека находятся под пристальным контролем пакистанских спецслужб, мы по соображениям безопасности не раскрываем его подлинного имени. В дальнейшем мы будем именовать его доктор Санаи.
Доктор Санаи является выходцем из семьи белуджийских аристократов. Находясь в Москве, он любезно согласился рассказать о ситуации в пакистанской провинции Белуджистан и возможных геополитических изменениях в Южной Азии.


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What is your response to the mention of Balochistan in the India-Pakistan joint statement issued in Egypt?

Pakistan has always used the Baloch issue as a pretext to prove to the world that it is a victim of terrorism though in fact it exports terrorism. The Indian involvement in Balochistan has never been beyond moral support.

The joint statement cuts two ways - on one hand it is good that the Baloch issue was internationalised on the other it can be detrimental to Baloch interest as Pakistan is using it as a stick to beat the Baloch freedom struggle by presenting that it being supported by India.


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We are delighted to present Gull Awar Khan’s interview with Mir Mohammad Ali Talpur.  The interview was conducted in March 2013.  At the time Gull Awar Khan was a research fellow at Westmister University and work towards a Phd, titled, Nationalism, Federalism and Separatism: The Case of Balochistan in Pakistan. The interview was audio-recorded and below we present the transcript.


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