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Noreen Leghari, a would-be Islamic State female suicide bomber, is seen in a video confession shown during a news conference by Maj. Gen. Asif Ghafoor, director general of Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, on April 17, 2017. (Faisal Mahmood/Reuters)

ISIS is on the decline in the Middle East, but its influence in Pakistan is rising


Comments by: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

We very well understand the special and deep rooted relationship between ISI created funded trained so called Afghanistan Mujahedeen’s and later from them they created Taliban’s who were very violent in their nature completely burnt down the Kabul killing thousands of innocent Afghan women and children and tortured and killed former Afghan president Dr Najibullah, from Taliban roots came Al-Qaeda and from Al-Qaeda roots came ISSI, these groups are God given gifts for Pakistani ISI who recruits such groups through thousands Madrasas throughout country specially well guarded centers in Punjab’s big cities like Lahore, Pindi, Islamabad, Multan etc and many other such groups are used for their proxy war against India and west.

Saudi and US aid money are used US armed these groups. It is not hidden fact that 80% Pakistani army are long bearded Taliban and hate the Christian world and one of the prime facts why Pakistani fund and use Afghan Talibans is to conquer central Asian Muslim states and in east they want to retake India and make their own Islamic empire. ... Read more »

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