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Catch- 22 in Afghanistan


Pakistan is the Yugoslavia of South Asia. Probably the greatest of all potential Pakistani pressure  points is ethnic separatism, which is an existential threat. Pakistan was founded on the religion of Islam and is composed primarily of five ethnic groups that never coexisted, the Bengalis, Punjabis, Pashtuns, Sindhis and Baloch. Pakistan’s Islamic nationalism program was specifically designed to suppress ethnic separatism, an effort that eventually led to the proliferation of Islamic terrorist groups within its borders and their use as instruments of Pakistan’s foreign policy. Exploitation of ethnic separatism within Pakistan, such as in Balochistan, remains an option. That is, fight the Pakistani-sponsored insurgency in Afghanistan with an insurgency affecting its own vital interests. Internal instability is a concern not lost on the Chinese and a factor that could determine the outcome of China’s investment in CPEC. ... Read more »

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Trucks carrying NATO supplies wait to enter Afghanistan through a border crossing in Pakistan. Reuters

Pakistan Will Try to Make Trump Pay


Comments by Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

America is the cow that will be milked by Pakistani Punjabi military, until America goes bankrupt or Pakistan disappears from world map as a state...to avoid Pakistani blackmailing America must librate Balochistan and use her ports link it to Afganistan...otherwise America will have to face humiliating defeat wasting more than trillion dollars and thousands soilders, billions given in aid to pakistan to fight and defeat America...That has been clear startergy of ISI to defeat America with her own money and weapons...its time to open eyes and support Baloch freedom fighters...  ... Read more »

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