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America needs Balochistan

Comments by Dr. Jumma Marri

Recent Trump’s comments about Pakistan gives new hopes to Baloch people who have been fighting to free their home lands from Punjabi occupation since the artificial creation of Pakistan.
Baloch did their best to live within Pakistan as equals and be owners of their resources and destiny that Punjabi constantly denied them.

Balochistan the dream lands of empires from distance past like the Alexander the great, the Arabs, the Persians, the Portuguese, later the British and were the dream land for Russian empire, now China, India and Americans are fighting for it directly and indirectly. 

Without Balochistan US mission in Afghanistan remains unaccomplished, it’s no secret US wants to own Balochistan apart from it’s geo-strategically importance and the coastal areas ports and huge mineral resources, Afghanistan was only the base to enter Balochistan. I do not understand why American did so late to come in? Through Balochistan US will gain most of her strategic aims, Contain China and disrupt CPEC, contain Iran, control Middle East, Central Asia and break Pakistan that is growing too fat and dangerous also getting very closer to USA top enemy and competitors in coming century the Chinese. Linking Balochistan with Afghanistan, US will save money, distance, time and will not depend on Pakistan who is very hostile to America, her friends and allies. Million dollars question when will America clear her intentions and enter Balochistan, either directly or entering later using Baloch as her proxies? Gone are the days of Punjab army’s monopolies they must retreat or will be destroyed. Much have already been written and spoken about American interests in Balochistan.
Baloch have seen many wars and sufferings in the past but never saw such inhuman, disgusting discriminations, humiliations and injustices as under Punjabi rule, perhaps American intervention in Balochistan will be a small blessing and freedom for Baloch people. America will never do what Punjabis did and doing against Baloch people. Baloch will be the owners of their lands and will welcome the Americans to work with them for peace in the region and beyond. 
Things will get clearer in coming year; Pakistan must pack and leave Balochistan.
With or without Balochistan the hunger of superpowers will not die down for easy wealth and will never end till doomsday but Baloch will get their freedom from even more hungry Punjab.

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