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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Deny the light of education make the masses blind, lead them anywhere you wish…

A university professor wrote an expressive message to his students at the doctorate, masters and bachelors levels and places it at the entrance in a university in South Africa.

This is the message:

Collapsing of any nation does not require the use of bombs or long range missiles.
It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing the students to cheat in examinations.
Patients die in the hands of such doctors.
Justice is lost in the hands of such judges.
Money is lost in the hands of such accountants.
Buildings collapse in the hands of such engineers.
Humanity dies in the hands of such religious scholars.
The collapse of education is the collapse of a nation.

Baloch leaders’ teachers, intellectuals, society and students must think about these words, why in Balochistan cheating is allowed openly and even promoted and education is of so low standards?

Answer is to keep us blind illiterate easy method to enslave and loot our resources and destroy Baloch as a nation.

Think about it!!!

It is really very painful to mention that in my Balochistan more than 2.3 million children including boys and girls are out of school, whereas only 1.1 million children received primary school although half of the school children refrain from the studies after matriculation because of poverty and other education obstacles.

There are more than 12,500 primary school in Balochistan among them more than 7000 schools are without classrooms and teachers but, no fetching actions are being taken by government and the citizens, 52% of population in Balochistan is below poverty line in spite of the facts that their lands are full of gas, oil, gold, silver, copper and other precious minerals.

Ghost teachers.

Recently it is estimated that in Balochistan more than 5000 ghost teachers. They are out of school and getting their wages, no one is ready to talk withering these ghost teachers who are destroying the brilliant futures of our children and upcoming generation.

Literacy rate in Balochistan is 39%

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