Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch is a famous Baloch political activist and son of the legendary Baloch leader Mir Hazar Khan Marri who lead Baloch freedom struggle in 70-90s.

Dr Marri was born 15, January 1970 in Tadri Balochistan.

He started his schooling during uneasy periods in Sindh Hyderabad and Karachi at the height of military operation in Balochistan, in 70s-80s his family was on top of the list among most wanted people by Pakistani Military and ISI agencies.

Many Baloch were killed disappeared and many forced to migrate other countries including Afghanistan Mr. Marri was also a Baloch refugee where he finally joined and finished KVK Indian central school at Kabul Afghanistan.

He went to Soviet Union (Moscow) in 1986 along with many other Baloch students for his higher education. He acquired his Medical MD degree in 1994 at Russian State Medical University, and subsequently got his PHD in immunology and allergies at the same university in 1998.

 When Baloch refugees were forced to return from Afghanistan in 1992, the divided but freedom loving Baloch were looking for new directions to continue with their freedom struggle from repressive Pakistani occupation, Dr Marri had a vision to unite Baloch people under one Baloch flag. He Organized Baloch unity organization and returned from Russia on may 1999 to help his people and stay in Balochistan permanently. But that dream could not be realized. After 6 months Pakistani army general Musharraf Military took over the countries rule and 5th military operation started by him in Balochistan.

 Dr Marri was again forced to live in exile in Moscow and highlight the plight of his people through Media like www.balochunity.org. And through many other ways in social media, conferences petitions and demonstrations.

 Dr Marri, president Baloch unity Organization, actively fights for Baloch rights in every possible ways though living aboard but have full contact with his people back home, working for Baloch unity is a formidable challenge but he believes in his people and wisdom of all Baloch leaders to unite and fight as one for an independent Balochistan hoping a dream come true one day.

Dr. Jumma Khan Marrri can be reached at drjmarri1@gmail.com

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