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My family was always in forefront for Baloch national sovereignty

Lalkhan was my great great grandfather, who was first among the Marri who charged the British in May and August 1840 the British detachments were wiped out by the Marris in Battles of Sartaaf and Nafusk respectively...

His both arms were badly wound in first battle with the British in May 1840 at Sartaaf in Marri hills but he survived to fight again at August 1840 again heavily defeating the British.

Again in 1859 and 1862 Lalkhan's younger brother LalBeag joint the Marris who fought decisive battles at Mawand and defeated the joint forces of Mir Khudadad Khan of Kalat and British.

Towards end of WWI the British anxious for expendable cannon fodder asked Marri tribes for recruits but the Marris refused and that resulted in Battles at Gumbaz in 1917 and Harab in 1918 my grandfather Gula Kahn who lead the Marris against the British though Marris suffered heavy casualties as they faced machineguns with flintlocks and swords and had tied the ends of their shirts so avoid retreat. The Marri Baloch not only militarily resisted the British but was politically active as well. The British calling Marri the flag holders of Baloch nation in their freedom struggle and RAW and Mossad didn’t exist then.

The dismissal of Mengal government and increasingly strict blockade of Marri area culminated in the Tandoori incident, (near Marri area), on May 18, 1973 when eight Sibi Scouts were killed in an ambush. Three days later army ferried by helicopters landed in Mawand Marri area and General Tikka Khan promised to quell the rebellion within 72 hours. Those 72 hours have stretched way beyond their estimates …This time my father Mir Hazar Khan took the charges of Baloch freedom struggle in his hands he became the chairman of Balochistan Peoples Liberation Front ( BPLF) and four years Marri fought pitched battles against 80 thousand strong Pakistani army.

Pakistani army faced humiliated defeat as their resources were about to finish and Iran could not supply more weapons and money the war ended with a stalemate and army had to pull back losing thousands killed and wounded without gaining any of their stated missions.

The army conducted operations all over Balochistan but concentrated more on the Marri area where most of actions against it occurred. Iran helped with helicopter gunships, materials and money to stamp out resistance which it feared would spillover. The military operations forced many Baloch mainly Marris to migrate to Afghanistan.

It is now on the new generation to carrying with our family history and fight on till freedom achieved a long dream that must come true.

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