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Statement from the president of Baloch unity Dr. Jumma Marri

Baloch community congratulates their Kurdish brothers and sisters on their successful referendum!

It gives me immense pleasure and joy to witness that our Kurdish brothers and sisters are becoming an Independent nation. As it’s their historical right to be member of international community as free nation and member of united nation recogonised by all, after all they were promised this freedom 100 years ago and after bitter struggle with tears and sweats finally their dreams coming true. This is a hard earned victory after decades of struggle and enormous sacrifices made by brave Kurdish brothers and sisters. We Baloch share the joy with our Kurdish brothers and sisters and take this opportunity to congratulate them and wish them to live a happy and prosperous life in free Kurdistan.
Kurds have suffered from Sykes-Picot, Baloch are still suffering from the Goldsmith Line.
No ideology or religion can glue two distinct cultures; unfortunately some countries are trying their best to eliminate indigenous people for their narrow political gains.
Baloch People appeal to world powers to start recognising our struggle against tyrannical Pakistani Establishment and take steps for attaining Independence.
We are glad that Government of Israel has extended its support to the Kurdish referendum and thank Mr. Benjamin Netanyahu for his courageous decision.

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