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An undated photograph shows Allah Nazar Baluch, the leader
of the Balochistan Liberation Front, at an undisclosed location
in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Reuters

The Baloch rebel leader standing in the way of Pakistan’s economic goals


Comments by: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch 

The majority of Baloch youth are with freedom fighters including Dr Allah Nazar if there was any help from abroad there would 100000 Baloch fighting the foreigners like Punjabi and Chinese, unfortunately Baloch are economically destitute and fight with little whatever they can manage, CPEC will not be allowed to work smoothly as long as occupation continues, If Pakistan pulls her army back and Baloch get their freedom, Baloch will themselves invite China and Pakistan to do business with them, no CPEC and business under the barrel of gun…Baloch will never accept their extinction… ... Read more »

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Quetta Railway station (1894)


By: Adil Baloch

Balochistan, March 21, 2017: United Nations has passed hundreds of resolutions against the only democratic state in Middle East, Israel for committing 'brutalities' against Palestine, it passed resolution 106 against Israel for an attack on Egyptian forces in the Gaza strip in 1955 whereas, in December 1968 UN Security Council passed resolution 262 condemning Israel for an attack on Beirut International Airport. Israel had attacked Beirut Airport in response to an attack on the Israeli Airliner El Al Flight 253 two days earlier by the Lebanon-based Palestinian militant organisation Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP).

Similarly, the United Nations passed many resolutions against Yugoslavia and concerning the Bosnian war.  In May 1992, the in resolution 752 UN security council demanded 'respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity' of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Surely, there are many other conflicts and wars of liberation that have attracted the attention of United Nations and prompted the UN to take action either by passing resolutions or sending peacekeeping forces to prevent the loss of human lives and preserve the territorial integrity of independent nations. That is what UN is supposed to do anyway. Protect smaller or weaker nations from powerful neighbouring nations. ... Read more »

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