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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch
The Baloch and Pushtuns tell here Punjabi jokes especially against the Punjabi-dominant Pakistani army.“The Pakistan army has glorious record,” they say they lost in Kashmir and they lost in Bangladesh. But they have conquered Pakistan four times; they are refereeing to military coups and martial law regimes of Ayub Khan, Yahiya Khan, Zia-ul Huq and Musharraf. “Whenever something goes wrong in Islamabad, it’s off with the heads of the Baloch”.  
Pakistan is more a geographical expression than a nation, with no common culture, ethnicity or language; it merely derives from an anagram based on territorial provinces.
Char’es Burton Marshall, an American who played a major role in drafting Pakistan’s Constitution, wrote in the 1950’s: “‘Freedom,’ said Matthew Arnold. Is a good horse, but a horse to ride somewhere,’ The Pakistanis have ridden it in circles and have tired it out.”  By C. L. Sulzberger

Armed confrontation between Baloch and first Pakistani invading military forces in Balochistan and than physical occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani imperialists’ forces goes back to 1948. The history is full of bloody pages that show the true nature instead of made-up picture of the relations between Balochistan and the Pakistani colonial rule. The struggle has gone through different stages and periods. Throughout this entire fight, which at times would subside but then break out again with increased intensity, the Baloch people have been relying exclusively on their internal resources and on their love for freedom. Historical facts unambiguously show that in all times the Baloch nation has been fighting for freedom, independence and ethnic survival with dignity. ... Read more »

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