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Pakistan is more a geographical expression than a nation

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch
The Baloch and Pushtuns tell here Punjabi jokes especially against the Punjabi-dominant Pakistani army.“The Pakistan army has glorious record,” they say they lost in Kashmir and they lost in Bangladesh. But they have conquered Pakistan four times; they are refereeing to military coups and martial law regimes of Ayub Khan, Yahiya Khan, Zia-ul Huq and Musharraf. “Whenever something goes wrong in Islamabad, it’s off with the heads of the Baloch”.  
Pakistan is more a geographical expression than a nation, with no common culture, ethnicity or language; it merely derives from an anagram based on territorial provinces.
Char’es Burton Marshall, an American who played a major role in drafting Pakistan’s Constitution, wrote in the 1950’s: “‘Freedom,’ said Matthew Arnold. Is a good horse, but a horse to ride somewhere,’ The Pakistanis have ridden it in circles and have tired it out.”  By C. L. Sulzberger

Armed confrontation between Baloch and first Pakistani invading military forces in Balochistan and than physical occupation of Balochistan by Pakistani imperialists’ forces goes back to 1948. The history is full of bloody pages that show the true nature instead of made-up picture of the relations between Balochistan and the Pakistani colonial rule. The struggle has gone through different stages and periods. Throughout this entire fight, which at times would subside but then break out again with increased intensity, the Baloch people have been relying exclusively on their internal resources and on their love for freedom. Historical facts unambiguously show that in all times the Baloch nation has been fighting for freedom, independence and ethnic survival with dignity.

Current state of the Baloch-Pakistani relations is a logical continuation of the trend on one side; it is trying to suppress, physically exterminate and Pakistanize the Baloch nation, and on the other side Baloch are fighting for the preservation of Baloch traditions and ethnic identity, national freedom and their independence. Baloch are the only people who have always resisted the Pakistani religious fundamentalism, Islamic extremism, expansionism and colonialism in the south west Asia.

The entire history of Baloch after Chakar Khan the great there has been no historical tendency towards expanding its territories. Punjab’s post colonial history consists of predatory wars and territorial claims towards neighboring nations, which Punjabis are very proud of. Baloch in turn are proud of the fact that they have never engaged in any unfair unjust wars and have always been trying to get along with their neighbors guided by the principles of justice and non interference.

The opinion that the Baloch are belligerent was formed because Baloch do not accept slavery. And when the destiny would make them face a historical choice of whether to live in peace but in slavery or be free but die in a war, the Baloch would choose war. This needs to be taken into consideration while evaluating the situation.

The West and Balochistan

Today it would be wrong to be viewing the Western alliance as a single whole thing, the way it was viewed during the Cold War. The Iraqi crisis has shown that Washington's imperial tendencies do not always find support among the European states. The debates about acceptable model of the New World Order and other issues are aggravating the split and the final loss of the UN authority. But there are very serious suspicions that with all of their internal disagreements, members of the Western alliance keep some basic strategic settings unchanged, one of them being: not to allow their puppet states like Pakistan and Israel to vanish in their own crimes and guilt they support them and hold them afloat artificially on expenses of their tax payers.  These two are constant headache for both US and rest of the Europe and due to them the world has seen night mares in form state terrorism and their created and sponsored terrorism.

This is the general setting in the policymaking of the Western leaders, dictated by imposed false fear before world. And this is the source of the inconsistency, inertia, discrepancies and outright immorality, which they discover in their attitude towards the genocidal war of Pakistan against the Baloch and Israel against Palestine it should be noted that both Pakistan and Israel were artificial states created by Britain under the slogans of religion.

Here are the most obvious facts concerning the attitude of the Western countries towards the "Baloch problem".
- Not once over the past 63 years the so-called international community, any particular state, or any international organization have ever taken any sensible or purposeful action to stop the oppression of the Baloch people or condemn the inhuman nature of the Islamabad's murderous deeds.
 - When the most scandalous facts of atrocities by the Pakistani warmongers become known public, for example within one month Pakistan arrested and extra judicially executed 25 Baloch civilians, the Baloch activists and human right defenders held demonstrations in Europe and North America no European politician expressed "concern" only Asian based Human right organization mutely expressed concern. But at the same time they would not freeze the funding of the genocidal war in Balochistan.
 - Actions of some Western politicians, when they prosecute Milosevic in the international tribunal for genocide of Muslims, can only be interpreted as a complicated legal puzzle. But for the same crimes in Balochistan, for last 69 years an immeasurably large numbers of the Baloch people have been exterminated, and yet they close their eyes on those crimes and  give a pompous reception to Pakistani dictators and army who are not only protected but given VIP reception in London and Washington. The world has witnessed how the British and US Governments accorded a cordial welcome to the murderer of Nawab Akbar khan Bugti Balach Marri and thousands Baloch women and children. This is where the silent approval of genocide and almost outright financial and political help to Islamabad in extermination of the Baloch people comes from.

The "set of interests" dictates its own priorities. As the West has been explaining, this is where the priority of so-called "partnership relations" with Pakistan comes from, despite of the criminal nature of the Islamabad regime, which tramples on all elementary principles of so-called "democratic norms": crushing its political opposition (including physical violence) and independent media and judiciary inside the country, and genocidal war in Balochistan. Besides, Europe and the US are explaining that the Western alliance is too afraid that Pakistan's nuclear arsenal may be uncontrollably scattered all around the world.

Independent Baloch State might be falsely viewed as a threat to stability and security in the region, while it is the other way around: occupied Balochistan has always remained and will remain as the center of permanent instability, which will pose a threat to all who are trying to establish their interests in the central Asia on Baloch ports and /Caspian region. And this is a historical fact.

References to the allegations that Baloch state cannot be a viable and governable territory which will have negative implications on the overall situation in the region are totally unsubstantiated. This spurious argument that the Islamabad has been using is a malicious fabrication of Pakistani secret services in their secret war against Baloch freedom struggle. Some ISI controlled Baloch politicians are unfortunately repeating this fabrication for their short-term interests.

Thus, it is obvious that the existing priorities that the Western alliance has in the Balochistan and in the region as whole are based on false premises and will take the international community only towards more problems in the present and future.

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1 freedom2baloch • 00:47, 11.03.2017
The undeclared war of PakiArmy against Afghanistan, U.S.A, India and the whole western world shall never end untill the formation of Free Balochistan and Pashtunistan. Free Balochistan and a Free State of Pashtuns of Pakistan shall break the hegemoney of PakiArmy of Panjab to bleed Afghans and their allies i.e. India and U.S. Free Balochistan shall recognize Israel as a State. Free Balochistan shall manage her political sovereignity and unity and choose Western Democratic countries as her allies. Free Balochistan shall provide logistic supplies of Afghanistan and U.S. forces to Indian Occian & vis e versa, free of charge,which shall  connect  Central Asian Countries. Only free Balochistan can resist Chinese expansion in Middle-east and Africa. Free Balochistan is the only Card left to save the lives of Balochs, Pashtuns, Americans and European and keep peace and to resist PakiArmy to bleed Afghans/Pashtuns/Balochs & Indians in the pretex of  ISIS in the foreseeble period. Hope that the learned Baloch leader, Drmarre shall further shed light on this topic and write an open letter to President Trump about the difficult situation of Balochs to.day and the geopolitical predications for the future. Thanks.