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Balochistan’s resources are being looted at gunpoint

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

It is to notify Baloch nation and world community about Punjabi state’s gross violations of international law and human rights of Baloch people, Balochistan is under strict military occupation acute suppression subjugation and brutal military operation continues aganist Baloch people since last 70 years, ever since daily arrests, kill and dump policies continues unhindered.

In 2006 Pakistani under military dictator general Musharraf collected Marri Baloch tribal elders under threats of arrests and different methods of manipulations were used and all waderas were collected at Quetta Cannt at gun point forced them to sign off Marri area's Chamallang coal mines, the largest coal mines of Balochistan were hand overed to Punjab, all those so called treaties were broken as soon as Coal mines started production. 

Under those deals Punjab Government promised to give every year 1200 scholarships to Marri tribal children to Punjab universities and schools as compensation, and another 1500 Baloch students from Balochistan, army promised to build for local areas schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructures and 3000 local Marri forces to be hired for the security needs of the coal mines.

Within months all promises were broken and FC was deployed to protect the caol mines almost local Baloch people were driven away from their areas and only 15 Marri students were given seats to Punjab universities all were children’s from Waderas not a single ordinary Marri kids was offered any seat not only in Punjab but not even in local schools.

Off course no promised infrastructures were ever built, instead daily Marri and Baloch youth women and children are killed and their dead bodies are thrown from helicopters in different areas and all the coals mines are under the protection of Punjabi army the FC and agencies every day thousands of trucks take away Baloch coals free of charges to Punjab,Punjab gets most of her energy needs free from Balochistans large energy sources like Sui gas and Marri area coal mines.

Now another large Coal mines worth 1 trillion dollars near Kohlu, the Marri areas was forcefully occupied by Punjabi army, two days before Pakistani army Core Commander Quetta ordered and collected Marri Waderas and so called Marri Mawab in one army tent in occupied Kohlu Balochistan and forced them to sign and hand over the coal mines to Punjabi army.

Under the so called new treaty Nawab Marri will receive 200 rupees per ton and 200 rupees per ton will be divided by few Waderas rest of the large Marri tribes and Balochistan is offered middle finger.

Now what is going on in occupied Balochistan, Punjabi army locates the resources of the area, and than sends in the army, the army quickly cordon off the entire area, and the local Baloch population is driven out from their homes for security reasons, if somebody speaks out against their move, they are identified collected and killed on spot and labeled as Indian RAW agents who are hampering countries development and progress.

Baloch people are felling increasingly desperate and helpless we request UN, USA, EU, Russia and India to help stop all these brutalities, gross human rights violations, stop Punjabi armies’ crimes in occupied Balochistan and stop all these looting and plundering, stop killing the Baloch people and dumping their dead bodies on streets, stop arrests of women and children, stop looting of Baloch national resources. 

If all such crimes against Baloch are not stopped, Baloch people will forced to unite and fight Back with all available means...


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1 Olga Annushkina • 23:16, 27.02.2017
Someone approached the International Court of Justice on this issue? In The Hague, in Strasburg?