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By: Mahfooz Ali Khan
In 1961, Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSP) discovered Copper Deposit in Saindak, District Chagai. During 1972, GSP and United States Geological Survey, jointly confirmed the existence of Copper by Core Drilling of 5 holes at Saindak. In 1974, the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources established Resource Development Corporation to evaluate and develop Saindak Copper Gold Deposits. The total resources of Copper Gold at Saindak area (in three Bodies) has been calculated as 412 Million tons at an average metal contents 0.37% copper and 0.441 gram/ton gold and 1.5 gram/ ton silver.
An agreement was signed in 1990 between MCC (a Chinese Company, which still operates in Saindak) and RDL for trial operation of South Ore Body. From 1991 to 1994 pre-stepping of mine construction, installation of concentrator, smelter, power house and water supply line was completed. In 1995, trial operations started and produced 1500 metric tons of blister copper and gold. From 1996 to 2003, due to non-availability of technical skill and lack of working capital and depressed copper market value, the project was stopped and Government was reportedly to bear burden of salaries and maintenance cost to the tune of Rs. 300 Million without production.  ... Read more »
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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

It is to notify Baloch nation and world community about Punjabi state’s gross violations of international law and human rights of Baloch people, Balochistan is under strict military occupation acute suppression subjugation and brutal military operation continues aganist Baloch people since last 70 years, ever since daily arrests, kill and dump policies continues unhindered.

In 2006 Pakistani under military dictator general Musharraf collected Marri Baloch tribal elders under threats of arrests and different methods of manipulations were used and all waderas were collected at Quetta Cannt at gun point forced them to sign off Marri area's Chamallang coal mines, the largest coal mines of Balochistan were hand overed to Punjab, all those so called treaties were broken as soon as Coal mines started production.  ... Read more »

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