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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Until 1989, the Kosovo enjoyed a high degree of autonomy within the former Yugoslavia, when Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic altered the status of the region, removing its autonomy and bringing it under the direct control of Belgrade. The Kosovar Albanians strenuously opposed the move. 

The independence declaration of Kosovo has long divided the Major world powers most notably the United States and Russia, each one respectively championed for their client state the USA Kosovo’s and Russians Serbia’s cause. The Kosovo took their case to World Court for a yes ruling, According to the World Court’s President, Judge Hisashi Owada, and supported by a majority ruling, “The court considers that general international law contains no applicable prohibition of declaration of independence. Accordingly it concludes that the declaration of independence of the 17th of February 2008 did not violate general international law.”

Baloch case is similar to that of Kosovo only the Baloch are an orphan nation without their own powerful uncle to look after their national interests, it is up to Baloch national leaders and the intellectual to find an uncle who could lobby for them at international court of justice, the united nations and other world forums to press their interests, Baloch must stand united and clearly state their goals to international community to understand. ... Read more »

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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Today my country is under occupation and nation is in grief and mothers and sisters in despairs’ situations brothers have no safety on their own motherland, Baloch nation’s hearts bleeds for their loved ones who are being daily picked and killed Baloch country is under dark clouds of uncertainties where everyday I see people turning into figures. My heart bleeds for my Baloch nation and country my people’s tough life and bad luck seems to have no end. My heart bleeds for my people for my nation for my homeland whose fate is decided by others, my heart bleeds for my people who are living on the edge & my heart bleeds for myself as I am also helplessly see my people keep fighting each other’s the leg pulling and insults keep pouring as the bodies of our youth fall in proximity. ... Read more »

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