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Where is Baloch Diaspora?

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Today my country is under occupation and nation is in grief and mothers and sisters in despairs’ situations brothers have no safety on their own motherland, Baloch nation’s hearts bleeds for their loved ones who are being daily picked and killed Baloch country is under dark clouds of uncertainties where everyday I see people turning into figures. My heart bleeds for my Baloch nation and country my people’s tough life and bad luck seems to have no end. My heart bleeds for my people for my nation for my homeland whose fate is decided by others, my heart bleeds for my people who are living on the edge & my heart bleeds for myself as I am also helplessly see my people keep fighting each other’s the leg pulling and insults keep pouring as the bodies of our youth fall in proximity.

As Mentioned in Quran in Surah Yunus Ayat 48.
To be unnecessarily inquisitive and create differences and confusion leads to destruction.
Disunity opens the door for chaos and conflict and paves the way for Disunity and Separation.
Once a community nation leaves the straight Path, it is sure to go astray.


May Allah Give Sense to Baloch leadership intellectual’s activists and people to abandon this road of self destruction and take the right path which ensures unity hope peace and security for Baloch people for long time to come.
Let it be absolutely clear that the right path is one and one alone that is dialogue unity and brother hood putting egos and selfishness aside for the sake of greater cause.
There cannot be multiple right paths, it is one and Singular that is freedom nothing less than that and we all must be ready to give sacrifices for that.
I see daily the infighting it worries not only me but the entire horrified Baloch nation while we face enormous challenges world’s indifference to our plight and daily killings gross human right violations in occupied Balochistan yet we instead of getting together and united keep fighting each other in every ways possible, with primitive Balochi radios sites Beyluxe talks everywhere self destruction and back biting goes unhindered and this mess gets worse day by day while Baloch nation looks and pins their hopes on their leaders and Diaspora aboard to help ease their dreadful situation and lives.
Diaspora around the world plays major role in building their countries and communities back home for example the small Christian Armenia surrounded by hostile Muslim countries and the genocidal war against them by the Turks at the end of Ottoman  empire  is well in records has one of the strongest and most influential Diaspora in world they feed whole country and protect her sovereignty through their strong links in France USA and Russia same goes to Israel who has the strongest and most powerful Diaspora around the world and control all major powers, there are many other similar examples.
The Irish Diaspora has a long tradition of donating to educational institutes and schools in Ireland.
Every country has their own organized Diaspora and they not only help each other’s but united they play bigger role for their countries and communities back home diasporas are like informal ambassador for their countries they promote their country in every levels they can, India has 30 million strong Diaspora and Chinese are more than 100 million Chinese where ever they go never leave their culture language and traditions and they just work for China.
Diaspora organize cultural events functions collect funds and organize different types of NGOs and lobby for support and send help for their communities and country at large.
The large and unnoticed Baloch Diaspora has no role and unity to promote their national identity never heard Baloch Diaspora organized any cultural event other than few political events holding placards in front of different buildings due to their insignificant numbers they went unnoticed by the street and the building inhabitants.
Whereas Baloch has very bad habit of fast assimilation to the local traditions and unfortunately they even abandon their own language and feel proud to speak alien language instead.
Baloch people have one of the biggest yet most unorganized and divided Diaspora in world according to my rough estimations there are 1.2 million Baloch live in Oman the biggest Baloch community outside Balochistan after Sindh and Punjab, interestingly Oman army is about 14000 strong and out them 9000 thousand and some say as many as 12000 are Baloch, there are almost 350000 Baloch living in UAE some say it is more than 700000, Qatar has more than 35000 Baloch  Bahrain’s police force is mostly made of Baloch and  Kuwait has more than 60000 Baloch and Saudi Arabia has almost 500000 Baloch and many other countries like Iraq Syria, Jordan and big population of Baloch live in eastern African countries like Somalia, Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt jointly make around 500000 Turkmenistan in central Asia has more than 100000 strong Baloch population India has good number of Baloch presence. Several villages and small towns are totally inhabited only by Baloch in eastern Africa and Turkmenistan.
Politically charged Diaspora lives in Europe and North America who left during last two military operations in both western and eastern occupied Balochistan, Baloch people have big hopes on these groups but they are badly divided on individual or party lines. We must break the ice and bring them under one platform and work as one not competing each others.   
What is wrong with Baloch Diaspora who cannot even meet once in year to discuss their own problems leave alone the burning issues of whole Baloch nation we are either divided among parties or individual lines or remain neutral, those neutrals does not go to any side and hide their heads and those who support some parties or individuals cannot see each other’s hence when there is call for protest or meeting it is poorly organized and few people turn out weakening the whole national identity that leaves everybody in shock mockery and  absurdity.
We instead of working as team always compete each other’s you refused to attend my conference next time I will do my best to spoil yours why not we join our hands and go make it not mine or yours but Baloch national conference organize demonstrations, organize round table meetings discussing the hot topics on Baloch issues the struggle and try to pin point international attention on Balochistan, just name it Baloch national struggle, leave your personal ambitions for future good deeds will not be forgotten who ever organize or pay for it, let us please understand the gravity of the situation that we all are in same boat and let us stop drilling each other’s sides if it sinks we all will vanish.

Role and responsibilities of Diaspora
As stated above the role and responsibilities of Diaspora are enormous if the Diaspora is united and have good and clear cut leadership and better organized.
Baloch people are struggling for their freedom how can the Baloch Diaspora help their brothers back home? What are the responsibilities of the Baloch Diaspora towards their nation and what role can they play to help their cause?
The main responsibility of Baloch Diaspora should be to appreciate their common destiny regardless of their geographical location. They should forget their differences for the sake of attaining a common goal of independent homeland for a free nation. The Diaspora should realize their potential, that by their unity and proper strategy they can play a broader role in helping to make a difference for their homeland.
The Baloch Diaspora must play an active and important role in the freedom of their homeland and in nation building by organized and coordinated efforts. It is important to show how Diaspora groups use repertoires of action to bring attention of the host countries to the belligerent and contentious issues in their countries of origin.
Following is a framework of non-violent actions
Making data of Diaspora in every country and collecting funds at least 2 $ per head and there must be groups of very responsible people handling these funds for proper uses.


In the political context of homeland:
1.      Demonstrations and protests
2.      Lobbying and forming transnational advocacy groups
3.      Monetary contributions and attracting more efficient forms of remittances
4.      Creating works of art, promoting image and culture of homeland
5.      Building effective networks for harnessing knowledge and social networking media


Information operations:
1.      Launch one international magazine
2.      Media: write articles, press releases, rebuttals, launch radio and TV channels
3.      Book projects:  publish at least few books in a year, coffee table books, culture history, cuisines, art & music
4.      Exhibitions: photos, cultural shows, food festivals & art exhibitions and music shows
5.      Seminars: organize seminars …. participate in rival seminars … raise issues
6.      Data base for media relations:  DB think tanks…DB news & media houses…
7.      Data base for political issues:  DB embassies… DB political parties of all countries, with key political figures.
8.      Data base for networking:  DB figure out key experts throughout world interested in Baloch affairs
9.      Data base educations: network universities and send Baloch students abroad for higher education.
10.    Goals: long term, and near future    
11.    Analyze your strength and weaknesses… improve… implement effective strategies.

It must be realized that small efforts towards a common goal can succeed in turning round a country.
God gives every bird its food, but He does not throw it into its nest.  


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