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Balochistan vs. Pakistan

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch


Balochistan vs. Pakistan

What Balochistan has given to Pakistan, and what Baloch got in return?

  1. Its land mass
  2. Strategically important, The China Pakistan Economical Corridor “CPEC” the game changer for Pakistan and China and total destruction for Baloch people.
  3. Proven 80% mineral wealth in entire Pakistan are in Balochistan.
  4. Pakistan made her nuclear power stations and nuclear weapons from Baloch uranium and bearing the scars of nuclear tests on Baloch soil.
  5. 80% Pakistani exports were impossible without Balochistan minerals resources like gas and coal  no industries run without power, take an example whole Pakistan had only 300 industrial units before sui gas, today in Punjab alone there are 35000 industries running on gas, 17000 big and small brick baking plants are running from Balochistan coal mines, cement factories run from Sui gas, all these industrial and agricultural revolution was possible only because of free flow of energy resources from Balochistan’s gas and coal mines, Karachi and other cities in Sindh and NWFP are having another estimated 35000 industrial plants running on gas, they include power generations, metallurgy, pharmacology, heavy and light industries are run on gas energy, garment industries flourished because of free gas from Balochistan, Punjab alone have 50000 such small and medium size industries.
  6. Pakistan army tests her deadly weapons on Baloch soils. Balochistan became training zone for Pakistani army almost all weapons are tested in Balochistan without caring for local people’s lives health and environments.
  7. First and second Afghan wars, Baloch soil was used for Afghan refugees and terrorists training camps are mostly based in Balochistan, Baluchistan’s strategically important airports, ports were rented as bases, easy and short routes from Balochistan were used as transportations to US and NATO forces for Afghanistan, and Baloch territory were used as spying and surveillances posts against Iran and Soviet Union, for using all these strategically important asset Baloch were not given a coin. 
  8. Baloch lands are granted every year for hunting and cultivations to Arab sheikhs, Baloch gain nothing, its Pakistani Punjabi officials gaining the Arab favors, money and political dividends.
  9. Pakistan survives and thrives on the expenses of Balochistan, Pakistan has no value without Balochistan, can anybody tell what Punjab has except mangos, oranges and cotton which cannot be made garments without free gas from Balochistan?
  10. Balochistan strategically important sea cost and sea resources are being sold used revenues earned per year are more than 9 billion US dollars, Baloch get nothing from that.
  11. Without Balochistan Pakistan will remain the size of rectum intestine and her value will also be that of rectum, Balochistan is used as their bright and prospective trade mark internationally, they are marketing Balochistan to everybody from USA to China and Arabs to Russia Balochistan land mass with all the rich mineral resources and her strategically important location is talk of the town around the world.

 What Baloch have received during last 70 years of brutal Punjabi occupation.

  1. Repeated military operations occupation, this is fifth army operations in calculation every 10 years Pakistani army is on the move in Balochistan in search of Baloch who demand their natural rights for a honorable living, school, shelter, medical facilities, drinking water and jobs,
  2. In return Punjab gave us Intrigues intertribal wars, bribing, divide and rule, intolerance to Baloch right full demands, disappearances and mass murders, torture, humiliations, fear, poverty, diseases, false promises, ethnic cleansing, looting and plundering of Baloch national wealth from minerals to historical archeological heritage, turning Baloch population into minority in their own country, deception, deprivation of all kind, social, political, cultural, economical, cheating and lying in every step was trade mark of Pakistani Punjabi rule over Balochistan. 
  3. Balochistan has become the capital of polio types of diseases which the poorest countries of Africa has long eradicated, beside Balochistan has no health care system, no safe drinking water, no education system, no job opportunities, people just live under open skies with total insecurities and unending problems and only to be tortured by Pakistani agencies and from other side by nature. 
  4. What Baloch got in return nuclear tests on their heart lands, after math of those tests are hidden from world community, in that region whole communities are suffering from different kinds of skin diseases never heard in the region before, all due to high radiation, people lost their normal livelihood because the water level sunk so deep that they cannot fetch the water, the rain fall has stopped ever since in that region.
  5. Every Pakistani leader who comes to power first thing they do for Baloch they come and apologies to Baloch for the previous mistakes and cruelties of past governments and no soon they unleash the worst atrocities themselves breaking the records of previous governments. Baloch remember the apologies of Musharraf what followed everybody knows, then came the so called elected democratic govt of ppp and Zardari came with his apologies soon after we found the results of his apologies worst human rights violations in modern history daily kidnappings of Baloch youth inhuman torturing killing and dumping their dead bodies throughout Balochistan results today no Baloch feels himself secure or safe in his own mother land.
  6. The parallels can only be drawn from Palestine Baloch are enslaved in their own homes at gun point.
  7. One thing should be clear to Pakistani leaders that you cannot enslave Baloch people for long unless you understand your mistakes start real and genuine negotiations with Baloch guaranteeing their constitutional rights.     
  8. Today in spite of Balochistan’s enormous wealth Baloch live one of the poorest living standards in world because Baloch are deprived from their wealth.
  9. Balochistan is being kept in Stone Age under the barrel of gun where as world has reached space ages levels in development and progress.
  10. Pakistan repeatedly betrayed Baloch people with broken promises treaties and agreements there are ample examples in Baloch history.
  11. Why Baloch should wait for Pakistani hand outs or their packages when Pakistan herself survives and thrives on our wealth and geopolitical importance?
  12. Why Baloch do not claim anything from Punjab when Punjab claims on Balochistan because history gave them this opportunity and Baloch must fight and change their fate and history.
  13. Divorce between Pakistan and Balochistan is legal under all international law more over it was forceful marriage, when a couple cannot live together due to differences between them and they cannot mend their differences, law gives them the right to separate here we are talking of nations certainly no international law will force Baloch to live with Pakistan, Baloch have all the rights to get their independence, it is the duty of Baloch to make their point clear to world community and Pakistani public and force their way out.

Solutions!!! Baloch must unite bury their internal selfish ambitions get away with their egos and fight for their freedom, because Pakistani army and leadership are blinded by easy wealth and power they will never treat Baloch people as equal citizens the time has run out for them….

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1 freedom2baloch • 23:45, 10.02.2017
It was one of the best articles which I have read and a marvellous description about the geopolitics, history and interests of Balochs. Potentially, your article influenced to bring Russian ties near to India and  keeping  distance from Pakistani thugs.  As a Baloch intellectual , you have full right to enlighten your beloved nation - Balochs. Excuse me sir, come-out from tribal cave and call your self ...Jumma Marri Baloch.