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The Chinese land grabbing

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

A potential US China confrontation in South China sea Looks imminent unless china Back Off and stops grabbing foreign lands as the largest country in the region is trying bully her small neighbour...US will not allow that to happen...we support US stand...We want tough US stand on Gwadar... Help Baloch stop Chinese and Punjabis grabbing Baloch ports against their will...

The United States has issued a strong warning to China over its land reclamation programme in the South China Sea.

Ash Carter, the US defence secretary, condemned the actions of Beijing officials at a security conference in Singapore and said that turning underwater land into airfields was out of step with international rules.

The Chinese with help of Punjab are illegally building an illegal  so called China Pakistan economic corridor on Indian and Balochistan territory that violates international law...China and Pakistan must stopped building the so called CPEC and Building Gwadar port taken from Balochistan at Gun point...Baloch want US and NATO to intervene and stop building this CPEC and Port.

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1 Olga Annushkina • 23:23, 19.02.2017
While corporate greed extended to the Middle East, launched a war in Iraq, arranged a coup in Libya, organized the war in Syria, China freely and with impunity built its economy on capturing profitable trades.