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Dead end for Pakistan…

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

1. In my calculations the geopolitical game so far is going in favor of China that is a major threat to US supremacy around the world, the western world is worried about losing their superiority within short time frame as China expends.

2. CPEC China Pakistan economical corridor is a real game changer for US, Russia and Indian interests that goes directly against their geopolitical and economical interests these and many other regional countries like Central Asia and Afghanistan. CPEC passes through international disputed territories, will have to fail eventually with or without US military intervention.

3. Chinese are in hurry to build the China Pakistan economical corridor (CPEC) in order to avoid total trade block out and energy resources Balochistani port Gwadar provides them with shortest possible route.  

4. Chinese exports and imports mostly pass through sea and these waters are getting hot day by day  with increasing frictions between Chinese and US fleets,  US have to find a global balance with China or strong China will replace US, it looks increasingly likely that US will have to use military means to derail Chinese economical growth and her rising up as new global power, US will write off herself from Chinese debts as winners always write the rules of ending wars

5. Western economies are in stagnation with no growth index and their populations is getting old chances of rapid economical growth are slim EU is already on the brink after Brexit and rise of nationalism and anti immigrations.

6. US is under huge Chinese debts, trade balance is hugely in Chinese favor with annual 400 billion Dollars, US have to do something about it, US has planned to contain China, that is why US fleets is intensively patrolling in South China sea seeking for Chinese miss calculations and a small mistake can trigger the great South China sea war.

7. China have no capabilities to win the war against US and NATO…That is why Trump administration want to improve relations with Russian in order to win back Moscow otherwise it will be unwise and very costly to fight both China and Russia…

8. Whatever the new US administration is commissioned to push the Chinese back into their heels, US is building very close friendly relations with India and other south Asian countries to counter China, Pakistani dreams to drive US and NATO out of Afghanistan and reinstall their puppets the Taliban’s will backfire and further isolate Pakistan and already US treats Pakistan as enemy rather than a friend.

9. Pakistan with here close military and commercial relations with China... the Paki miss calculations  have put Pakistan to the point of no return and that is what Baloch needed most, Pakistan have reached her dead end...US will never accept China to take away the strategic Baloch Gwadar Port and Balochistan with her huge mineral resources without a fight.

10. As Baloch minerals resources became a curse on Baloch than a blessing, the same way Gwadar ports lure will be fatal to Pakistani and Chinese greed and dreams… Pakistan will have to choose between friendly China and die with her or side with Chinese enemy the American and be killed later by the dragon and an imminent economical failures and turmoil... in both ways Pakistan ends up dead end.

That is my predictions.

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1 freedom2baloch • 20:44, 01.03.2017
We agree with each and every word, you have written. The big hurdle, to overcome Chinese and Panjabi evil intention, is the bureaucrats and lobbyists of both India and the western world, specially United States of America. 

"Trying  again & again, some-body, which not complies with  your aspiration shall end as to put dust in your eyes if you try it again." A Baluchi Proverb. Again, U.S. focus on Pak/Afg. border, leaving Panjab which is the epi-centre of exporting terrorism in Afghanistan. The same game which is going on for the last two decades shall only give time-out to PakiMilitary to strengthen their proxies/foot soldiers from Panjab regiment to bleed Afghan and U.S. Army. Its time to move forward and seek and target PakiArmy and its nuclear weapon depots in Panjab and elsewhere. Or be ready to surrender !!

( Anjamen Balochs of Afghanistan )
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2 Olga Annushkina • 22:52, 03.03.2017
Those who heads global corporations unleash a war for the sake of gain. Have they overlooked something in the pursuit of profit, or are not designed?