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Is it Pakistan or Punjabistan?

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Is Pakistan for all or only for Punjabis?
1. Prime Minister is a Punjabi. 
2. President of Pakistan is a Punjabi
3. Interior Minister is a Punjabi. 
4. Defense Minister is a Punjabi. 
5. Foreign Minister is a Punjabi.
6. Law Minister is a Punjabi. 
7. Information Minister is a Punjabi. 
8. Finance Minister is a Punjabi. 
9. Railway Minister is a Punjabi. 
10. More than 90% Ambassador and embassy staffs of Pakistan in world are Punjabis’.
11. 85% of Pakistan Army, civil and military establishment belongs to Punjab. Pakistan army and all intelligences agencies are located in Punjab city Rawalpindi the General Headquarters (GHQ).
12. There are 11 CORPS of Pakistan, 7 are in Punjab.
13. Chief of Pakistan army is a Punjabi. 
14. Chairman Joint Chief of staff is a Punjabi. 
15. D.G ISI is a Punjabi.
16. D.G 'Intelligence bureau is a Punjabi.
17. Chief of General Staff is a Punjabi. 
18. Chief of Logistic Staff is a Punjabi. 
19. Inspector General arms is a Punjabi. 
20. Adjutant General is a Punjabi. 
21. Quarter Master General is a Punjabi. 
22. Inspector General training and Evaluation is a Punjabi. 
23. MILITARY Secretary is a Punjabi. 
24. Inspector General Communications and IT is a Punjabi. 
25. Engineer in Chief is a Punjabi. 
26. More than 85% of Pakistan army is Punjabis.
27. Chief of Navy is a Punjabi. 
28. Chief of Air force is a Punjabi. 
29. 43 out of 49 of Federal Secretaries are Punjabis. 
30. The Chief Justice of Pakistan is a Punjabi. 
31. The Governor of State Bank is a Punjabi.

I live in Moscow for last 30 years, not a single Baloch saw appointed in Pakistani embassy during these 30 years…all embassy staff was and is 90% Punjabi and 10% Pashtoon sometimes once in every 10 years you could find one Sindhi or Muhajir…
Does Baloch have any role in Pakistan? Are we treated as Pakistanis?
From here comes resentments and anger.
How long this Punjabi ruled Pakistan will survive?  Only God knows, but for sure injustice never prevails.

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1 freedom2baloch • 01:42, 18.02.2017
Muslim Panjabi psyche is to hate other nations. In their eyes, only Panjabis are the super and they regard othesr a low grade living creatures. Muslim Panjabis hate Sikh Panjabis, although they speak same language. Even, Panjabis don`t tolerate non-panjabis as a  labour. The racism of Panjabis mean Panjabi nationalism for them. In such case. muslim Panjabis of Pakistan can live and develop their own land - Panjab and let Sindhis, Pashtuns and Balochs to live in their own lands, peacefully.