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The soviet Big Step

Russian army commanders with Mir Hazar Khan Marri, Khair Bakhsh Marri
and Sher Mohammad Marri at Helmond (1985)

By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

The soviet Big Step…ahead to Balochistan…Back to Soviet Union…
The soviets were forced to react after US started supplying the Afghan Terrorists with Stinger missiles, the code name the big step. Balochistan or Back…
Its 1985 Afghanistan when Russian army commanders meet with Mir Hazar Khan Marri, Khair Bakhsh Marri and Sher Mohammad Marri at Helmond... where Russian offered them to liberate Balochistan...asked them to provide them with 32 thousand men for training, in two batches, 16 thousands in 6 months time frame, they were ready to provide the Baloch with all the necessary item of war and they said all you have to do is seal Sindh and Punjab borders, Pakistan army will react with force and here you people will request Soviet and Warsaw packet countries help.

Within 24 hours we will react and reach for help we have 50000 troops ready to be dropped to crush Pakistani army and destroy all those so called terrorist train camps inside Balochistan and NWFP.

Balochistan will be freed from Pakistan and all non allied countries and socialist countries will accept Balochistan as an independent country…India was in front to help Balochistan freedom program but unfortunately Baloch leaders were divided.

One famous leader said we can play cat and mouse games with weak Pakistan but putting this huge soviets on our head we might not be able to bear their weight and break our neck.

One leader showed his neutrality and only one of them showed full support for the soviet initiatives.

Baloch leaders failed to show unity and the soviets were forced to change their policies and decided to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan.
I pray and hope if Allah gives us another chance we must show unity and grab the chance with both hands, I am sure this time US will offer us that chance.
For sure no Baloch leader will miss it…

Baloch must learn from their history if they fail to unite this time.
Baloch will lose everything…I mean everything…means everything…

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