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By: Manoj Sharma

People of Balochistan are fighting a lone war against the Punjabi domination. Baloch people are subjected to brutalities and genocide because they have committed the crime of liberating themselves from the clutches of the illegal occupation by Punjabi Pakistan. Islamabad in its efforts to quell the war for independence by Balochis has shown no concerns for human rights, civilian casualties and has burnt villages after villages to instil fear in the minds of Balochis. The Pakistan administration has given a free hand to its armed forces to regularly kill, rape, torture and commit atrocities on Baloch population with the sole aim to teach them a lesson for raising their voice for independence.

Baluchistan was an independent state called Kalat state and resisted its accession to Jinha’s dream homeland for Muslims–called Pakistan. Baloch people have resisted the forceful occupation of their land by Islamabad with more grit and determination than the people of East Pakistan now called Bangladesh. People of Bangladesh rose in revolt against Islamabad’s domination after 1970 elections. ... Read more »

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