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Translation of the Urdu Statement given to  Balochistan  media which was published on the 6th of April 2017.

LONDON: The pro-freedom Baloch leader, Hyrbyair Marri, said in a statement from London on Wednesday that Balochistan has not willingly joined Pakistan neither was it a part of Pakistan under any agreement. “Pakistan forcibly occupied Balochistan and has been committing crimes against Baloch people from past 68 years.”

He said Britain was separating from the European Union because of some Human Rights and Immigration rules and Britain compares its separation as freedom whereas Balochistan is occupied by a foreign aggressor. Pakistan is indiscriminately killing Baloch people. Pakistan is also settling Punjabis in Balochistan in masses. “Pakistan has been looting Balochistan’s natural resources for years and now it has made China its partner in crime.”

He said even though Balochistan is occupied, Britain and some other countries think that the Baloch nation should compromise with Pakistan to resolve their problems whereas Britain itself doesn’t compromise on its freedom with EU only because of few common laws. “Under which moral and political pretext Britain and other nations considers it right that Baloch nation should compromise with Pakistan?” ... Read more »

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