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Pakistan forcibly occupied Balochistan

Translation of the Urdu Statement given to  Balochistan  media which was published on the 6th of April 2017.

LONDON: The pro-freedom Baloch leader, Hyrbyair Marri, said in a statement from London on Wednesday that Balochistan has not willingly joined Pakistan neither was it a part of Pakistan under any agreement. “Pakistan forcibly occupied Balochistan and has been committing crimes against Baloch people from past 68 years.”

He said Britain was separating from the European Union because of some Human Rights and Immigration rules and Britain compares its separation as freedom whereas Balochistan is occupied by a foreign aggressor. Pakistan is indiscriminately killing Baloch people. Pakistan is also settling Punjabis in Balochistan in masses. “Pakistan has been looting Balochistan’s natural resources for years and now it has made China its partner in crime.”

He said even though Balochistan is occupied, Britain and some other countries think that the Baloch nation should compromise with Pakistan to resolve their problems whereas Britain itself doesn’t compromise on its freedom with EU only because of few common laws. “Under which moral and political pretext Britain and other nations considers it right that Baloch nation should compromise with Pakistan?”

Hyrbyair Marri said that Scotland had joined England under an agreement and their union was lawful. However, two years ago there was a referendum in Scotland and the Scottish people have openly campaigned for their independence. They were neither killed nor abducted. In the end, the Scottish people, according to their free will, decided to remain with Britain.

However, following the Brexit vote, the Scottish nationalist forces are once again demanding for their independence because they want economic and political union with Europe. “Balochistan’s position is different than Scotland because Balochistan has never been a lawful part of Pakistan under any agreement but Pakistan forcefully usurped independence of Balochistan. It [Pakistan] is committing gross Human Rights violations in Balochistan but the International Community, including the UK, have remained silent about Balochistan conflict.”

The Baloch leader said that in 1990 when Iraq attacked and occupied Kuwait, the international community helped Kuwait to regain its independence under international laws. “Balochistan also has the right, under similar international laws, the world community should help Baloch people and force the occupying powers to leave Balochistan.”

Hyrbyair Marri further said there is no difference between Kuwait and Balochistan in the sense that Kuwait was also occupied because of its strategic location, oil, gas and other precious natural resources.

Mr Marri said that Pakistan is an occupying force in Balochistan and the occupier must follow the international laws, but Pakistan apart from illegally seizing Balochistan is also violating all international laws that it is supposed to follow as the occupier. According to international laws, the occupier cannot settle foreign people on occupied land and it cannot recruit people of the occupied land to its army. Additionally, it's the occupiers' legal responsibility to provide food and other basic facilities to the occupied people.

He said that the Pakistani state is trying to annihilate the Baloch nation. “Evidence of this is reflected by the regular abductions, killing and dumping of Baloch youth. There is also a severe lack of food, medicine and other basic facilities due to which Baloch women die during maternity and pregnancy mortality rate in Balochistan is very high."

Mr Marri said if the international community still didn’t take the cognizance of Balochistan crisis, China-Pakistan nexus would turn entire Central Asia into a trade colony through the Balochistan corridor whereby they would expand their network of extremism throughout democratic states of Europe and America. There is still time for world community to pre-empt the ongoing expansionist designs of China-Pakistan nexus in Balochistan and, help stop Baloch genocide by openly supporting the Balochistan freedom movement. Because Balochistan is not only the strategic country that has the capacity of playing the role of bulwark against the scourge of Pakistani terrorism in Afghanistan and India but it can also weaken the tentacles of Pakistani terrorism across the globe.

If Balochistan, as a secular and democratic nation, was helped and  liberated from Pakistani occupation, it would be a useful addition in the league of civilized nations, which would stand against extremism across the world, and Balochistan’s sources would be useful in the efforts of eliminating the scourge of extremism instead of being used by Pakistan to strengthen its extremist networks across the world. 

Balochistan’s resources not only benefit Baloch but also they open up new trade opportunities for Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries.

He said that there is still time for international community to understand this important point. In order to counter Bangladesh freedom movement, Pakistan used its religion-strategic assets like Albadr and Alshams in the name of Islam, today Pakistan is again using the same strategic assets against Baloch movement.  Baloch leader Mr Marri cautioned Afghan and Indian nations that Pakistan can also use the same assets in India and Afghanistan in order to advance its nefarious designs in the region.

Baloch leader Mr Marri said that “Now imagine when Pakistani nuclear weapons, built under Islamic doctrine, fall into the hands of religious extremist forces, how many 9/11 like doomsdays scenario would the world face? It would be foolish to expect accountability and responsibility from a country like Pakistan that uses religious extremism as a policy tool to blackmail civilised world for her nefarious designs."

Hyrbyair Marri said that if the UK and rest of the international community had not remained silent on the genocide in Rwanda, and Bashar-ul-Assad’s brutalities, they could have prevented Assad from using chemical weapons against innocent people today. “The policy of silence adopted by the world community has encouraged Assad to violate the international laws of war. Similarly, Pakistan is continuing the killing of Baloch people and some areas which were the stronghold of Baloch pro-freedom forces, the Pakistani state has used chemical weapons there on several occasions. The silence of the International Community is encouraging Pakistan to continue its crimes against humanity and spread catastrophe in Balochistan - like that in Syria.

It is a matter of thinking that a powerful country like Britain maintained silent over the Identity of Khalid Masood who recently carried out a bloody attack on the British Parliament and are calling him 'British-born'. 

Pakistan’s retired and on-duty military generals have been directly demanding from Britain and other democratic countries for handover and expulsion the Baloch leaders who have been granted political asylum in the UK and other countries under international laws. Such peculiar demand and blackmailing show that Pakistan is a terrorist state and is totally ignorant of international laws and diplomatic norms. Taking the staff members of Afghan diplomatic mention to the Army Head Quarters is the best example of how Pakistan blackmails other nations.

Baloch leader Mr Hyrbyair Marri urged western countries not to regard Pakistan as a democratic and responsible country with values like their own; instead, they should unmask Pakistan’s real face through investigation of how Pakistan is really acting in its relationship with the Baloch. Although some individuals think a referendum can be a solution of Balochistan's problems. But I think the contrary because  Balochistan was occupied using Pakistan's full military might, So they have to end their occupation and withdraw their forces without any pre-conditions.  but Pakistan won’t even allow a Quebec and Scotland like solution for the Balochistan crisis; instead, it has been committing naked aggression and brutal methods to subdue the Baloch liberation movement.  Pakistan has turned Balochistan into a Gestapo concentration camp. It has exceeded the marks of barbarism and brutalities that were committed in Yugoslavia, Sudan and Indonesia. In order to emancipate Baloch from brutal Pakistani barbarism, we urge western countries to deal with Pakistan in the same manner as they dealt with those occupying states.

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