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Comments by: Dr.Jumma Marri Baloch

I seriously advice US government and president Trump to use wisdom and restore friendly relations with Russia, Russia a Christian country and is part of western civilization though with her own rich history and traditions.

China with her two billions people and fast growing economy is huge challenge to America and civilized world, there for US must normalize her relations with Russia and contain China and her close friend Pakistan both countries are nuclear armed and are serious security challenge to world order and in particular to American interests not only in Asia but entire world.

Pakistan that harbors international terrorism armed with nuclear weapons constantly trying to get ICBM to hit USA and Europe a countries with an army 90% of them believes western world is Kafirs and must be destroyed and believe themselves as born Mujahids to fight and liberate Palestine Kashmir and capture the western world in revenge for their ill treatment of Muslim world. China is the only country that supports and arms her with same weapons systems that Chinese army have.

Western countries must solve their issues with Russia that have 1/5 of earth the biggest country on earth and have huge mineral and water resources and boarders with EU can be a heaven for western world instead of unpredictable dictatorial china. Russia have 100% educated populations that does not strives to conquer any country and have good relations with India world most fast growing economy and worlds biggest democracy, if west chooses China against Russia it will be catastrophe that history will not forgive.

China is existential threat to Russia most south Asian countries, India, Balochistan and many countries, if west choose china against Russia they will create headaches for themselves how to clean the mess China and Pakistan will create for them?

Choosing China means western world alienates from them the entire Asian continent whole Africa and rest of the world, western world will have to learn living in new realities and must forget their values and learn eating insects’ dogs and donkeys. ... Read more »

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Baloch are deprived of their mother tongue, baloch are forcefully assimilated into Pakistan, their language and culture is being killed along with baloch youth.


By: Naziha Syed Ali

 WHILE visiting Balochistan, one becomes aware of just how removed that province is from mainstream Pakistan. And it’s not only the obvious things — such as the dire lack of development, the air of oppression or the stories of enforced disappearances and dumped bodies. There’s also the more subtle issue of language.

According to Article 28 in the chapter on fundamental rights, the Constitution says: “… any section of citizens having a distinct language, script or culture shall have the right to preserve and promote the same and subject to law, establish institutions for that purpose”. Most of the national conversation on this is centred on the fact that many private schools, at least in urban areas, do not teach the relevant provincial language in contravention of provincial laws to the effect.

In Turbat some weeks ago, I learnt that the situation is quite the opposite in Balochistan. This is the only province where government schools do not teach either Balochi or Brahui, the two most widely spoken native languages outside the Pakhtun-majority areas in the north of the province. Balochi is only taught in a few private schools here. ... Read more »

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