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By: Dr. Jumma Khan Marri

China Pakistan Economical Corridor (CPEC) is an existential threat to Baloch national sovereignty and future destination, within few years after the completion of this criminal project Baloch will be outnumbered by Punjabis and Chinese off course by other nationalities from the region and around the world, Baloch will lose everything keeping in mind the Sui and other such mega projects which became a curse to Baloch instead of blessings.

Pakistan as a country, we refrain from calling it a nation because it was never a nation and will never be a nation as nations are not doctored but come into being naturally, has stumbled from crisis to crisis from the day one. All its wounds grievous or non- grievous have  been self-inflicted and to make the matters worse there never has been any critical assessment of the follies committed because the rulers have been satisfied that there have no mistakes on their part and only foreign conspiracies have been responsible for their woes. Wherever such mindset prevails all hope for justice and reform is lost.  ... Read more »

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