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By: Dr. Jumma Marri Baloch

Most honorable thing for a person to do is to serve ones nation and people selflessly. We fully and confidently believe that, that day is not far when we Baloch people will be liberated through our gallant struggle and form a country which will be dedicated to the service of Baloch nation and humanity.

GENERAL Balochistan is under attack from all sides. Pakistan and Iran have consistently worked to enslave the Baloch nation so that they can easily exploit the mineral wealth and also accommodate their populations in vast areas of Balochistan. They have deprived Baloch people of all opportunities to live a respectable life but then what else can be expected of enemies. They have kept Baloch economically destitute and deprived them of education as well. The Baloch need to be masters of their destiny and for this they must find common grounds among different sections of Baloch Society to proceed towards Liberation. The very survival of Baloch race is at stake, we have to rise above petty differences for the sake of Baloch people. For if we fail to unite at this critical juncture of Baloch history it will be an unpardonable crime. ... Read more »

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