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The ancestral homeland of the Baloch people is called Balochistan, yet today
the Baloch are not the masters of their own country. A series of calamitous
events - not least the imperialist wars of conquest in the nineteenth and
twentieth centuries - have distorted Balochistan’s natural development and
have prevented the Baloch people from determining their own future.
A defining point in the history of Balochistan, however, was in 1666 when
different Baloch confederacies were unified and brought under a single
Baloch national state. Following from this moment of national unity, the
Baloch nation established reciprocal diplomatic relations with their
neighbours and beyond.  ... Read more »

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By: Shah Nawaz Marri

Mir Hazar Khan Ramkani Marri is son of Mukhadam Gula Khan Marri. Gula Khan was the traditional head of the Ramkani section of the Bijarani branch of Marris. The Marris are divided into three main sections, the Gazainis, the Bijaranis and the Loharanis. Each of these sections is then divided into sub-sections.

The Sardars of the tribes historically was rotatory and elections were held between different tribes Mukhadams for sardari, it became part of Gazaini section after the intervention of the British, even after this the Marri tribe is of democratic structure the Sardar is the first among equals. Each Marri tribesman has a standing and a voice in Marri society. The Sardar or the clan chief cannot and will not ever insult a Marri and it is because of this mutual respect the loyalties of a Marri to his Sardar or clan leader is phenomenal.

The Ramkani Marris live in central Marri area of Tadri, a rugged area with good grazing grounds and man-made terraces for farming. They are like all tribesmen simple and hardworking. Gula Khan was son of Alo Khan who was son of Lal Khan. His uncle Inamo, a brave man, carried scars on his face of a hand to hand fight with a mountain leopard in his youth. Lal Khan is buried at Pir Darra on Tadri Mountain and is considered a saint by all Marri and many other Baloch tribes. ... Read more »

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