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By: Rafay Mahmood

It’s an anthem for some, a symbolic representation of culture for others and an appealing melody for many more.

The Brahvi folk song is considered to be one of the finest and most celebrated pieces of poetry and song writing in the history of Pakistani folk music, penetrating pop culture after it was performed by Pride of Performance winner Akhtar Chanal Zahri — the maestro behind the song at the “Coke Studio”. ... Read more »

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The dancing men

By: Aziz Kingrani

Anyone entering Balochistan province from any direction is sure to be caught by the eye-catching and magnetic natural beauty, as the entire area looks like a holiday resort with unique natural attractiveness. Its vast coastal area, wonderful mountainous valleys, arresting waterfalls, undefeatable high mountain ranges and hillocks, stunning springs and climate makes one feel like staying there forever.

Ancient remains of life and civilisation can be found in Balochistan, as water, being a basic necessity of life, existed in the vales and mountains, while some remains of archaeological sites and cave paintings have been found in Balochistan.

Several sites of cave paintings on rocks have been registered in upper Balochistan but the sites of cave paintings of lower Balochistan are still unexplored — for instance the cave paintings of Tharia cave in Pabu mountain near Qili (village) Chatoka Bhit (mound) in the valley of Pallimas, Tahseel Wadh, Khuzdar District, which I visited this year in March. ... Read more »

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